Helping you promote your products and services on the internet….

Decoratif Design has grown out of the Interior Design industry helping Interior Designers, Product Designers and Manufacturers to promote themselves, their products and their services on the internet.

We create WordPress Web SItes, WordPress Blogs, Twitter Apps, Facebook Apps, LinkedIn Apps as well as creating and managing eMarketing campaign’s.

We work across all markets including Hotels, Guest Houses, Interior Design, Telecoms, Recycling and many more.

All our projects are aimed at getting our clients message seen by their existing and potential clients on a regular basis.

eMarketing is a combination of emails, blogging and social media, but it needs to be consistent, not something that starts and then stops. Take a look at your own web site, if the last Newsletter is over 3 months old contact us!

Create a Word Press Web SIte and get “Blogging”

The most important giant in the internet is Google, what they want to see are web sites that are “active”.

When was the last time you either changed your web site; uploaded a news item; or sent out a Facebook post, tweet or email mail-shot?

Do you keep up a regular “New Product” or “New Services” Blog?

If you are not developing a Social Media strategy, Google will lose interest in your web site. In other words your sales opportunities will disappear along with your google ranking.

We can create a WordPress based website (Blog) either to enhance your existing site or to replace it, a site or blog that is dynamic, ever changing, topped up with the latest news about your company, your service and your products…so you are never standing still.

Prices start from £99 a month depending on the complexity of the site and the amount of content you want us to write for you…do you really have the time to keep your own blog active?

Create Social Media Apps

We can help you develop and consolidate the social media minefield by creating Apps that link into your “Blog” or “WordPress” website to all your social media partners such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. Giving you a simple elegant solution that allows you to create a “Post” and send it automatically to all you chosen social media partners.

Stop trying to remember dozens of passwords!

Target your Marketing

No doubt you have a mailing list, contacts in facebook or in LinkedIn, when was the last time you sent your existing or potential clients a product update?

Look at your competitors, if they are using the internet to promote themselves, why are you lagging behind?

If you want to know more about creating an eMarketing strategy contact us to arrange a CALL BACK.